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Start Investing Out Of State With These Five Key Members

You never know when, or where, your next real estate opportunity will come from. One of the keys to a successful investing business is the ability to keep an open mind and never discount any deal, regardless of where it is. There are times in every investors career when their go to investing market becomes […]


7 Things Angel Investors Look For In Real Estate Startups

What do angel investors want in real estate startup investments? Looking to raise money for your real estate startup? What is it that angel investors are looking for? What factors do they seek in the ventures they really put their capital into? Angel investors continue to be a growing source of capital in real estate. […]


4 Tips to Cut Management Costs and Generate More Passive Income

If you’re looking to generate passive income, turn key property management might be the answer. This type of real estate can be very rewarding, but in order to make sure your investment works for you, you need to ensure that your management costs stay low. Follow these tips to cut costs and stay in the […]


Buying Foreclosures: The Key to Turn Key Property Management

Buying a foreclosed property might be the key to making your passive income property investments work for you. With more and more foreclosure properties entering the market every day, you may be looking to buy one yourself and take advantage of this opportunity. If this is your first experience with turn key property management, follow […]


3 Tips for Turn Key Investing

Once you understand turn key investment strategies, it’s time to purchase from a turn key property management professional. Turn key properties can be great buys, but they’re rife with pitfalls for the unprepared investor. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to expand your real estate portfolio, there are three things you need to […]


Pros and Cons of Turn Key Properties

A turn key property is one that is renovated, livable and already generating income when you buy it. For those looking to generate income immediately, turn key property investing can be a great way to do just that. But before you dive into this potentially lucrative market, keep in mind that this real estate investment […]

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