About The Passive Income Club

The Passive Income Club was created by Than Merrill, JD Esajian and Paul Esajian for one sole purpose – to make money PASSIVELY through Real Estate.

We have all seen those late night infomercials with their get rich quick pitches and push button claims of overnight passive income. What The Passive Income Club does is the exact opposite of this.

The Passive Income Club utilizes tried and true Real Estate Investing Strategies to create true PASSIVE INCOME through Real Estate. By teaching and training our students and clients the exact Investment Strategies that the Founders of the Passive Income Club personally use, our team of Passive Income Specialists are able to create customized Investment Plans for our clients according to their individuals situation.

Than Merrill and his business partners have created multiple multi-million dollar Real Estate businesses, including CT Homes LLC and FortuneBuilders.com, and by utilizing the nationwide relationships they have developed they have sourced some of the very best Investment Property sources in the entire country.

The current Real Estate Market presents one of the greatest opportunities in the history of Real Estate. Take back control of your own money, and create the financial future you have always wanted.

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