Online Marketing Tips From The Pros


If you are not using the power of the internet to enhance your business, you are not giving yourself the best chance at success. Regardless if you are looking to promote your business or generate interest in a property you must be utilizing the internet. There is truly no better way to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people all in one shot. This is especially the case if you are selling a property on your own or trying to find a tenant for a rental.

Instead of outdated ads in your local newspaper or bandit signs on the front yard there are a handful of dedicated real estate websites that can accelerate interest. As great as these sites can be, simply putting your property on the site and waiting for your phone to ring is not realistic. With increased competition in every aspect of real estate your ad needs to stand out from the crowd. Here are the top five tips to help improve your online property marketing success.

  • Use multiple sites. Your property advertising shouldn’t be limited to just one site. Even if you have had success with that site it doesn’t mean it will work for you the next time. Fortunately for sellers and landlords there are a handful of real estate dedicated websites that work well. If you are not taking advantage of all of them, you are not giving yourself the best opportunity to expose your property. Between Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow and possibly you can easily blanket your market with just a few clicks of a mouse. You should also utilize social media to help get the word out about your property. In most cases you can use the same, or similar, ads with all these sites. The more sites you use the greater coverage you will have and the easier it will be for you to find what you’re looking for.
  • Catchy subject line. As we stated, it is not enough to throw any ad online and hope for the best. In most markets there is plenty of competition for rentals and properties. Putting a generic ad online will only produce generic results. A “2 family property” description will get passed over, regardless of how nice the body of your ad looks. Any ad starts with the description. You need to quickly describe why someone who want to click your property ad in a limited amount of space. If your property is a rental property in a college town, make sure you promote it. If you are close to the center or town you need to put this in the subject line. Think about whatever the one most appealing item about your property and put that in the subject line. Also, throw an exclamation point after that and use caps when appropriate. If the subject line is lazy and generic nothing else makes a difference.
  • Pics/videos. Not only do you want to generate interest in your listing, you want it to be real. Anyone can post a listing and get some emails or phone calls. If you don’t have pictures and/or videos you could end up showing the property to people who aren’t really interested. Every listing must have a handful quality pictures that offers a true snapshot of the property. Don’t try to avoid including a room that may not have the layout or space you desire. When they show up to the property they are going to see it anyway. In addition to pictures you should also include a brief video tour. Keep your tour to roughly a minute and show as much about the property as possible. Start with a view of the street, the yard, the front entryway and all rooms. Not only does this give a true reflection of your property, it also helps weed out any lukewarm interest that may be there. The people that request a showing will have already seen the property and want to move forward.
  • Property description/information. The body of your listing should be filled with as much property information as possible. Anything you can think of that will help the buyer or renter make a decision should be included. Start by listing, in bullet points, all the amenities with the property. Don’t assume anything when it comes to this. Something as seemingly minors such as a dishwasher or washer/dryer could sway someone to your property. In addition to the amenities you should list specific property information such as room count, square footage, what, if any, bills you cover, parking and security deposit. As is the case with your pictures, or videos, you want to show as much about your property as you can. You can also include something about yourself or how long you have rented the property for. Many tenants chose their rentals as much based on the landlord than anything else.
  • List contact information. At the end of any listing you need to include a call to action. You don’t want to sound like a cheesy salesperson, but you should create a sense of urgency. Something small like “market rentals going fast” or “won’t last long” could do the trick. You should also include your contact information or a time when you can show the property. You can expect a handful of calls and emails, but that is the goal. Every call should be handled like the only one you will receive. You never know when or where you next sale or tenant will come from.

The internet and online advertising are not going away any time soon. Leverage this to your advantage and get the most out of your property listings.

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