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Which Type Of Investor Are You?

It has often been said that there are several different ways to invest. One of the things that makes the business so great is that you can do it at your pace, with almost any background and any skill set. An investor you meet at a local networking meeting may have a completely different approach […]


How To Deal With Business Mistakes

No matter who you are or what profession you are in you are going to make mistakes. Stephen Curry misses free throws, Tom Brady misses open receivers and public speakers fumble over words from time to time.  This is all just part of life especially in the real estate business.  It is not how many […]


7 Things Angel Investors Look For In Real Estate Startups

What do angel investors want in real estate startup investments? Looking to raise money for your real estate startup? What is it that angel investors are looking for? What factors do they seek in the ventures they really put their capital into? Angel investors continue to be a growing source of capital in real estate. […]


Will Facebook’s Company Town Create A New Investment Trend?

It appears as if Facebook intends to join the world of real estate investing, as recent reports hint at the development of a swanky apartment complex that compliments their headquarters in Silicon Valley. The project, titled Anton Menlo, will provide offsite housing for employees and units for sale to the general public. Will projects like […]


Pros and Cons of Turn Key Properties

A turn key property is one that is renovated, livable and already generating income when you buy it. For those looking to generate income immediately, turn key property investing can be a great way to do just that. But before you dive into this potentially lucrative market, keep in mind that this real estate investment […]

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